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Your satisfaction is our business creed; we focus most of our business process in making sure your shopping experience is one you will always remember with smile on your face.

Our website is a multi-merchant platform that brings merchants from different locations to offer the best product value for you to choose from.

Buying Products from Merchants on Bargain Master:

All products that have “Add to Cart, Buy Now, or Shop Now” button are from Bargain Master verified merchants.

Merchants with the B-verified Seal are merchants that have gone through our verification process. This means that our verification team has visited the physical location of the merchant, and the business owner/owners have provided valid identification information (International passport, driver’s license and registered business information if available) to us for documentation.

The verified merchants are under strict agreement to sell only quality products at a fair price to you on our website.

Merchants without the B-verified seal are merchants that listed their product on our website but have not participated in our verification process.  These merchants can’t sell on our website unless they go through the verification process. There listed products will not have the “Add to Cart, Buy Now, or Shop Now” button, therefore you can’t buy products from them.

You are advised to buy only from verified merchants to benefit from our “Buyer Protection” solution using the customer resolution center.

Checkout and Payment:

Most Bargain MasterSales go smoothly, but if there’s a problem with a purchase, there is the Bargain MasterReturn and Refund policy. With the return and refund policy, we guarantee that buyers receive the item they ordered, or get their money back.

When you pay for an item sold by a merchant on Bargain Master the money doesn’t go to the merchant immediately, the money will be on transit at the Bargain Master bank account waiting for successful transactionbefore the merchant gets the money you paid for the product.

Successful transaction means a dispute free transaction:

  • Product is confirmed delivered in good condition
  • Product received is as described on the product page
  • Buyer didn’t report any issue after 12 hours of receiving the ordered product

Bargain Master will transfer the product payment to merchants is the above situation is met. 

Dispute resolution:

To resolve issues quickly, a buyer can use our dispute resolution center to get an issue resolved; so far it was reported before 12 hours after the buyer received the product.

Buyers can use the Bargain Master customer resolution center when:

  • An item isn’t received
  • An item received doesn’t match the listing description

Bargain Master will work with the merchant to try and resolve the dispute and maybe get the merchant to replace the item, or issue a refund to the buyer.

Late Report

  • When you contact Bargain Master after 12 hours of receiving the product.
  • When you contact Bargain Master for buyer remorse
  • The product has manufacturer money back guarantee for a specific period.

Bargain Master may attempt to resolve disputes that have fallen into the Late Report category, but these disputes will not be treated as a priority case and may not be attended to after reviewing it.

For Manufacturer Money Back Guarantee you should contact the manufacturer using the contact information on the product package or their contact card.

What's covered:

Most transactions on bargainmasterng.com are covered by Bargain Master Return and Refund policy.


  • An item isn’t received or it isn’t as described in the listing,
  • The purchases were made on bargainmasterng.com GTPAY, or webpay checkout or Bargain Master invoice

Not covered

  • Buyer’s remorse or any reason other than not receiving an item or receiving an item that isn't as described in the listing
  • Duplicate claims through multiple contact channels
  • Items sent to another address after original delivery, or
  • Vehicles, Real Estate, Business & Websites for Sale, Digital Content, Intangible Goods, Classified Ads, Services, and some Business Equipment categories.


When an item doesn’t match the listing description

If a buyer receives an item that doesn’t match the informationon product description page, the buyer needs to open a case before 12 hours after receiving the product by contacting Bargain Master customer resolution center . Bargain Master will contact the merchant to resolve the issue or consideraccepting a return or offering a replacement and Bargain Master may issue a refund. 

We review the item description and any other information about the item that the buyer and merchant provide to determine the best resolution method.

When an item is returned to the seller

  • The buyer must return the item in the same condition in which it was received.
  • The merchant is required to accept the return at the same location specified in the merchants account or on product description page. 
  • If the cost of return is not covered by the manufacturer or the merchant in accordance with their product money back guarantee policy, we may decide to cover return postage costs in some cases. If the case is decided on the merchants favor but you still need to return the product for replacement, the buyer has to cover the return shipping cost.
  • The seller pays for any customs charges on the returned item.

After confirming that the item was returned to the merchant, we refund the full cost of the item and original postage cost via GTPAY to the card you paid with.

When an item isn’t returned to the merchant

In some cases, we may not require that an item be returned to the merchant and refund the buyer if, for example:

  • The item location was misrepresented.
  • It’s hazardous to post the item back.
  • The merchant doesn’t fulfill the terms of the our Return and Refund policy

Alternatively, with the buyer’s consent, we may give a partial refund to cover differences between how the item was described in the product description page and the actual item that was received. When given a partial refund, a buyer isn’t asked to return the item to the merchant. The merchant will receive whatever remains from the initial payment on the item as agreed during dispute resolution.

Counterfeit items

If a buyer suspects that an item is counterfeit and there are strong indicators that the item is counterfeit, the buyer isn’t required to return the item to the merchant. The buyer agrees to cooperate with us to ensure the proper disposal of the item. In such cases, we refund the buyer for the full cost of the item and original shipping cost, and the merchant reimburses us for the shipping cost refund. The buyer may not sell the item on Bargain Master Nigeria website or elsewhere.


Timelines for buyers

Opening a case when an item isn’t received:

  • A buyer can open a case after an item’s estimated delivery date. If no estimated delivery date is provided (that is if merchant self-shipped the item), a buyer can open a case 7 days after paying for an item

Opening a case when an item doesn’t match the listing description:

  • A buyer must open a case no later than 12 hours actual (or latest estimated) delivery time.*

*When we have no postage or delivery information, we consider the latest estimated delivery date to be 3 days from payment date for transactions between a buyer and merchant in the same state, and 10 days from the payment date for buyers and sellers in different states.

Extended timelines for Bargain Master Return and Refund policy coverage

In some limited situations, we may extend the period of time in which a buyer is eligible for the Return and Refund policy. This extra time allows us to take into consideration the buyer’s location, the shipping service used, national holidays, eg. Christmas, or delays due to circumstances such a natural disaster, national emergency, labour strike, or governmental act.

When we extend timelines for Bargain Master Return and Refund policy coverage, in cases where the merchant is responsible for cases opened during such extended timeline, we’ll notify the merchant.

Refunds to buyers

Refunds from Bargain Master are through our bank to the buyers card issuing bank. In the unlikely event we’re unable to send refunds to your bank card account, we may provide refunds by voucherredeemable for purchases on bargainmasterng.com.

Merchant funds, and fees

Seller funds

Merchants do not get the money paid for a product listed on Bargain Master until the delivery information is sent to Bargain Master by the shipping company and the buyer confirms before 12 hours after delivery that the item bought is as described on the product description page.

The same apply to self-shipped product by merchants. Funds are held at Bargain Master bank account until a transaction is successful and after which the merchant receives the money in the registered bank account. 

If a buyer opens a case on the bought item within the 12 hours after delivery dispute period, Bargain Master will hold the amount paid on the item bought by the buyer and may refund the buyer if the case is decided on the buyers favor and a refund was necessary.

In that case merchant is required to reimburse Bargain Master is an additional cost is incurred during and after the dispute process.

Other resolution methods

Buyers must report a case once and work with a Bargain Master Customer resolution manager to resolve the case. Reporting a case using other channels may result in your case not get the required attention and may cause your account to be disabled.

Bargain Master Customer resolution center is a distributed system that works in a very transparent way to make sure all cases are treated in a timely manner and if the resolution manager is not able to find a solution you may request to change the manager or a supervisor may assign another manager to your account.

Fraudulent claims

Fraudulent claims may include:

  • A buyer opening excessive cases.
  • A buyer filing a chargeback after receiving a refund.

Buyers who file fraudulent claims are subject to consequences that may cause your account to be disabled or deleted and in some cases reported to law enforcement agents.

Other terms

  • Buyers and sellers permit us to make final decisions about cases, including appeals.
  • We may provide buyers and sellers with access to each other's names, user IDs, contact information, and other information relating to a case.
  • When a buyer and seller don’t speak the same language, we may assist with communication until a case is resolved.
  • Bargain Master Refund process is not a product warranty.
  • In limited cases, we may open and decide a case on behalf of the buyer.


The information here is valid as at the last time seen, Bargain Master may update the information at any time and will inform all members about the update through the news bar on your account and on the homepage.

If you’re not online at the time of update or you were not able to view the update for the duration, Bargain Master will not be responsible for any issue that may arise because of the missed update.

You can contact Bargain Master via the message center in your account.