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J1 Samsung Ace mobile Smartphone

Merchant samsung
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Opebi, Lagos

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Samsung J1 ACE (100) Mobile SmartPhone

Enjoy vibrant colors and deeper contrast while you watch your favorite videos on a Super AMOLED display. All the while getting the most out of your 4G experience with Ultra Data Saving Mode that helps you save up to 50% of data.

VoLTE on Galaxy J1 4G ensures superior HD voice calling over 4G networks. Not only will you get higher quality calls, but also much faster connection.

How about Speed?

A powerful Quad Core processor and large 11.41 cm (4.5”) screen come together to help you get the most out of your 4G experience. Play your favorite games and videos effortlessly while enjoying an incredible viewing experience.

Made For Nigeria

J1 is the ideal smartphone packed full with the most advanced technology that keeps you performing at your best.

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Opebi, Lagos

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