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Philips Compact 3-in-1 Food Processor HR7762/91

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Opebi, Lagos

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Philips PowerChop Viva Collection Black Colour Coded Food Processor HR7762/91

With Blending Jug, Full Metal Disks, Grinding Mill and Accessory Storage Tray

This Philips PowerChop Food Processor can help create delicious and fresh homemade meals, ranging from coleslaw to bread. The PowerChop technology ensures better chopping results for both soft and hard ingredients. A combination of the blade shape and the cutting angle within the inner bowl ensures that all ingredients are processed optimally and at an efficient pace.

This technology combined with the powerful 650 W motor and variable speeds, means that you can process a wide variety of ingredients quickly and easily. Also, the large 2.1 L bowl allows up to five portions of food to be made in one go. This combined with the large feeding tube means that it is quick and easy to make a meal for the whole family.

Once the food has been processed, you can easily detach the bowl from the main unit for pouring. Unlike many other models, this Philips Food Processor has a concealed inner shaft. This means that soups and other liquids won't leak from the middle of the bowl, keeping your food processor and kitchen counter clean. This makes the cleaning process much easier as all of the mess is contained to the bowl, which can either be rinsed clean or placed in the dishwasher.

This appliance's functionality goes beyond processing, as it also comes with a blender and grinding accessory. The large 1.75 L break resistant blending jug allows you to make large quantities of deliciously fresh and healthy smoothies, drinks and soups. Not only can you make fresh drinks, but the 250 ml grinding mill attachment is ideal for grinding coffee, spices, chocolate and lots more. Both of these attachments can also be placed into the dishwasher for an effortless clean. When you are finished using the multifunctional appliance, all bowl accessories can be stored away safely and tidily in the accessory storage box that is provided.

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Opebi, Lagos

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