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About Bosch

Bosch ovens, cooktops, microwaves and accessories make it easy to get perfect results at every meal in Nigeria. Shop quality Bosch Kettle, Toaster, and coffee maker on Bargain Master website and best prices. Our state-of-the-art fridges and freezers come in an array of sizes and configurations to help you keep food fresher longer. Our patented Zeolith technology dries dishes naturally, and saves energy. You also have a range of options — built-in dishwashers, compact, freestanding — to help save space. And with a super quiet operation, it won’t distract you from dessert. Keep your clothes and linens looking new and your floors impeccably clean. Our high-quality vacuum cleaners, steam irons, washers and dryers are here to help. And with smart innovations, like automatic detergent dosing and anti-bacterial cycles for our washing machines, and long-life batteries for our cordless vacuums, these appliances aren’t just conveniences. They’re game changers

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