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Wireless Earbuds Bluetooth 5.0 In Ear headset HD Mic for All Phones

Merchant laptop store
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Laptop Store

Ikeja, Lagos

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A6S Mini TWS Twins True Wireless In-Ear Bluetooth 5.0 Earphones Sports Stereo Earbuds Headset With Mic 280mah Auto Charging Box

A New Generation of Bluetooth 5.0, faster and more stable. A6S Twins TWS Wireless Bluetooth Earphone Stereo Bass Bluetooth 5.0 With Mic Handsfree AI Control

Dustproof and IPX5 waterproof, Double-eared split design, single and double ears are free to wear.

Will automatically pair, power on after taking out from the 280mAh charging box. True wireless Bluetooth headset, left and right channel separation, Automatically connected, both ear can be used separately.

One button control easily to turn on/off, play/pause/switch music, hands-free calling to driving, working, meeting, running. One to two connections can be connected to two mobile phones at the same time.

Intelligent compatibility: support all Bluetooth mobile phone, tablet, notebook, QQ music, movies, etc., universal all mobile phone.

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Laptop Store

Ikeja, Lagos

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